The team behind DC Models ...

Dyon Hagenaars

Function: Director and founder

Location: the Netherlands / Ibiza

From day 1, he has been the creative force behind our organization.

He knows how to bring the right people and elements together, which always leads to success. His know-how comes from his experience as a model and his fashion background. Besides that, he's well known as a presenter on both stage and TV. He's also the instructor of our representation training.

His slogan: ‘It's better to turn heads than to be passed by’.

Ger Valkenburg

Function: Senior sales supervisor

Location: the Netherlands / Ibiza

Don't mail but communicate

After having been in the spotlights as a model and his large experience in sales on the international market he has combined his strenght and knowledge in our company. With this he can and will support all of our customers with his know how and vision. Every mission is being customised by him.

His slogan: 'Don't whine, just DO!'

Monica Moreno

Function: Communications and styling specialist Ibiza

Location: Ibiza

Styling and creativity is her passion

Our styling en communications specialist at Ibiza. She knows everything about fashion, styling and her experience in photoshoots and fashionshow is enormous. She was graduated on Graphic Design, art & Photography in Barcelona. She managed production, styling and castings for catalogues, fashionshows and event for brands as Lacoste, Armand Basi, Estrella G, Olivier Lapidus and international fashionshows as Lederation Francaise de la Mode, Catalonian Art & Fashion in New York and Pitti Bimbo Firenze. She publishes regularly in magazines as Blackbook Magazine New York, La Vanguardia Magazine, Blanco y Negro and participates in advertising campaigns fot Hoteles RIU, La Caixa, Jee Cherokee and Vodka Beluga.     

Her slogan: You only live once, make it fun!

Cees van Veen

Function: Project manager

Location: the Netherlands / Ibiza

Together we will achieve the most

Since 2000 Cees has been connected to our company. Administrational and commercial tasks in several projects. Also he is responsible for data protection within DC Models. He ensures that the general data protection regulation is applied and complied

His slogan: 'Out for a walk'

Vanessa Smit

Function: Office manager

Location: the Netherlands

Our comfortzone at the office

After finishing her Business Administration education at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Vanessa is now working in our organisation as office manager. With a large amount of experience as a model and mannequin she knows everything from start to cratch in our business. Besides all of that she has specialised as planner and coördinator of all kinds of events.

Her slogan: 'Go with your flow'

Amy van Iersel

Function: Styling specialist & Blogster

Location: the Netherlands / Ibiza

Amy knows how to make something from nothing

Our styling expert within DC Models. She knows éverything about fashion & styling. Together with her experience on the catwalk and in front of the camera the ultimate combination. She follows all latest trends, writes blogs and is active on social media.

Her slogan: Cheers Bitches

Her slogan: You only live once, make it fun!

Alec Valkenburg

Function: Facility

Location: the Netherlands

Defender of mankind

Our centipede in the blue bus. He is our technical support. His knowledge and experience will run every project smoothly. 

His slogan: Pray like me, Play like me!

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